WebAssembly Today ✍️ #20

Updates & commentaries on WebAssembly related technologies, including Rust, serverless, cloud, blockchain, and AI. Focused on the server-side.

Editorial: WebAssembly makes more inroads into Serverless and cloud computing. Rustaceans share their expectations for Rust in 2021.

WebAssembly Today

Azure Static Web Apps support WebAssembly 🚗

Azure Static Web Apps now supports Blazor WebAssembly with serverless Azure Functions!

Image Classification as A Service in Node.js with Rust and WebAssembly 🌃

This article demonstrates how to create a web service for image classification using Rust, WebAssembly and TensorFlow. The popular MobileNet-based tensorflow models are used to classify images. But how do you execute a tensorflow model on GPU from within WebAssembly? Read on to find out!

WebAssembly could be the key for Cloud Native extensibility 😎

Solo's CEO Idit Levine explains WebAseembly's application in the Envoy proxy, as well asSolo.io’s new proposal for packaging WASM modules in theOpen Container Initiativeformat. Levine noted that WebAssembly could be a crucial piece of infrastructure in future cloud computing.

Hidamari, a modern operating system aimed at running WebAssembly code 🤔

Hidamari is anoperating system designed to run WebAssembly bytecode. The operating system functions are accessible to the bytecode through the WASI interface. This project is in early development.

CobWeb, COBOL to WebAssembly compiler, developed by Cloudflare 👏

Everything old is new again. COBOL has gained popularity after the pandemic began due to a high demand of programmers to maintain aging COBOL-based government computer system.

We have covered a project that compiles COBOL to WebAssemblyin theprevious issues. Here comes another one. The CobWeb compiler, developed by Cloudflare, compiles COBOL to WebAssembly bytecode, so that the Cloudflare Workers could support COBOL.

Research Paper: Compositional Information Flow Analysis for WebAssembly Programs 💪

In a previous newsletter, we reporteda paper discussing security vulnerabilities of WebAssembly. A new paper discussed approaches to reduce those vulnerabilities. The researchers proposed an automated static analysis program to address these security concerns.

Blazor WebAssembly - Authentication Without Identity 🤘

This article shows youhow to implement custom authentication in ASP.NET Core Blazor without using the Identity membership system.

Running Go in the Browser with WASM and Web Workers 🤖

This article takes Qvaulit, an online IDE, as an example to explain how to run Go programs in web browsers with WASM and Web Workers.

s7 playground in the browser 🖥

s7 schemeis a (quite fast!) scheme implementation inANSI C. With LLVM support, we can runs7 schemein browsers with WebAssembly.

Rusty News

Substrate has reached 2.0.0 👏

Substrate is a very popular blockchain framework written in Rust and WebAssembly. It powers the Polkadot network, which has a market cap of close to $4B, making it perhaps one of the most valuable Rust projects out there.

A new IntelliJ for Rust IDE release 👀

IntelliJ is one of the most beloved coding IDEs. It excels in helping developers write correct code before they hit the compile button. That complements nicely with Rust's compiler-based checks. The features I like most here? Autocomplete Rust's match patterns and the debug postfix.

Rust crates that do what the Go standard library does 🦀

The GO language, like Java, has a comprehensive standard library that make beginners life easy. You can do most programming tasks by just using the standard library that comes with the language itself. Rust has a different philosophy. The Rust standard library is very small and efficient. Developers need to install additional crates to perform common tasks such as logging. But for beginners, the challenge is how to find those crates? This comprehensive blog article from Christine Dodrill gave the answer.

Oracle’s Plan to keep Java developers from leaving for Rust and Kotlin 👀

According to ZDnet, Oracle commissioned analyst firm Omdia to assess its six-month release strategy for Java. The goal is to keep millions of Java developers from jumping ship to memory-safe alternatives such as Kotlin and Rust. The rise of Rust is inevitable. Resistance is futile.

Discussions on Rust 2021 🦀

The official Rust survey has ended. Before the survey results is public, let’s see several different opinions on Rust 2021.

Serverless World

Serverless at the the edge: enabling magical unicorns 🦄

This article explainsserverless technologies in centralized clouds and in edge clouds. The author believes that the edge cloud can remedy many challenges we face today. Clickhereto learn more.

A beginner guide for cloud native computing ⚡️

If you have no idea about what is “Cloud Native”, read this article to learn more.

Red Hat Advances Cloud-Native Analytics with New Kubernetes-Based Data Services 🐚

Red Hat announced the release of Red Hat OpenShift Container Storage 4.5, delivering Kubernetes-based data services to modern, cloud-native applications across the open hybrid cloud.

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