WebAssembly Today ✍️ #22

Updates & commentaries on WebAssembly related technologies, including Rust, serverless, cloud, blockchain, and AI. Focused on the server-side.

Editorial: Lots of news on WebAssembly this week!

WebAssembly Today

Access local files from web browsers via WASI 👏

The WebAssembly Systems Interface (WASI) allows WebAssembly apps to access the file system. So, now you can access local files from a browser-based app.

wasmbin: a self-generating WebAssembly parser & serializer 👊

The wasmbin library gives Rust developers the ability to manipulate WASM code directly in Rust source code as macros. Very impressive.

Towards sockets and networking in WebAssembly and WASI ✍️

WASI gives WASM programs access to operating standard libraries, except for networking and sockets! This article proposes a way to add socket support for WASI and describes a minimal implementation in AssemblyScript and Rust.

on "binary security of webassembly" 🗣

This article provides a critical response to the paper “Everything Old is New Again: Binary Security of WebAssembly”, which we covered in past issues. Worth reading.

File Converter, a free and unlimited file converter 💻

File Converter converts media files, including images and videos, from one type to another, right inside your browser. Behind the scene, it uses the FFMPEG library, which is compiled to WebAssembly, to perform the conversion in the browser.

WASM Sunray, a ray-tracing tool 👁

(The image is generated from WASM Sunray, and I added the watermark via serverless wasm.)

WASM Sunray is written in Rust and compiled to WebAssembly to run in the browser. It uses thread.js to run the WASM rendering functions in a worker thread.

Vugu: a modern UI library for Go+WebAssembly (experimental) 😎

Have you ever wanted to write a Web UI without JS? Try Vugu, a VUE-js inspired library in GO, and compiled to WebAssembly. Write Web UI in Go and run it in the browser.

A Podcast with Wasmer CEO 😋

You will learn more about WebAssembly on the server-side of course!

TypeScript to WebAssembly tutorial ✌️

Image for post

In this article, Fernando Doglio explained what is AssemblyScript and how it is different from regular TypeScript. He gave a step by step tutorial on how to create, compile, and run AssemblyScript programs in WebAssembly.

Tutorial: Create a WebAssembly app in GO 👏

Follow this tutorial to create a WebAssembly program in GO and run it inside the web browser. It teaches you how to call JavaScript functions from the GO source code.

Tutorial: Create a Swift program for WebAssembly 🤞

Make Swift programs interop with GO and Rust programs using WebAssembly as the go-between.

Tutorial: Using C++ in a web app with WebAssembly 🤭

Follow this tutorial to implement a simple algorithm written in C++ and make it available to a JS web app through WebAssembly.

Tutorial: How to Use Rust, WebAssembly, JavaScript, and PubSub+ to Run Native Apps in Your Browser 🤜

PubSub+ is a JavaScript framework that can tie together the browser JS host with WebAssembly programs written in Rust.

Rusty News

The fastest and most energy-efficient languages ⚡️

C is the fastest and most energy-efficient. Rust wins second place ahead of even C++. In comparison, Go is 3x, JavaScript is 6x, and Python is 70x slower and wasteful.

Valve's Proton 5.13, now uses Rust 🦀

Proton 5.13 is released. The exciting news is that Proton is now using Rust, in production, as part of media-converter!

Proton works with the Steam client to support Windows games on Linux.

Announcing Tokio 0.3 and the path to 1.0 🦀

The Tokio team announced the release of Tokio 0.3, aka the Tokio 1.0 beta.

New features:

  1. Changes to IO traits.

  2. New runtime builder.

  3. The I/O driver is overhauled

  4. The API is future-proofed.

Proving that 1 + 1 = 10 in Rust 🔢

An interesting article to understand binary math in Rust.

genpdf, a user-friendly PDF generator written in pure Rust

genpdf is a high-level PDF generator built on printpdf and rusttype.

Serverless World

Go serverless and save bigly 🌻

By moving from container services to FaaS, Armedia reduced its yearly cost for one service from $1,730 to $4. It is a cost-saving of 99.8%! The blog post detailed the serverless architecture they used and how it created the saving.

Three Types of Serverless Monitoring Metrics on AWS 🦄

This article introduces the serverless metrics that are crucial to your application’s health. It is a good read for IT professionals.

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