WebAssembly Today ✍️ #28

Updates & commentaries on WebAssembly related technologies, including Rust, serverless, cloud, blockchain, and AI. Focused on the server-side.

Editorial: Leading WebAssembly VMs, such as SSVM and Wasmer, are becoming more standard compliant, and adding new non-standard extensions for enterprise use cases at the same time.

WebAssembly Today

Wasm Summit is back for 2021 😎

WebAssembly Summit 2021 will be hold virtually on Youtube Livestreams and Discord in April 2021. If you are interested in speaking at the event, submit a talk proposal via their website!

Server-Side Wasm - Q&A on SSVM 👀

InfoQ published an Q&A article on SSVM, a WebAssembly VM optimized for server-side applications. SSVM focuses on high performance application use cases such as media processing and edge AI inference. SSVM provides system and hardware access to WebAssembly programs through WASI-like extensions, such as the SSVM WASI Tensorflow. The article discusses the pros and cons of this approach. 

Wasmer released 1.0.0 - beta1 🤟

This release includes:

  • support for middleware, 

  • a new Context API for passing data to host function environments 

  • and support for the new Apple Silicon M1 chips.


Learn how to debug WebAssembly programs from this article.

Chimera 🤭

Chimera is a Kubernetes dynamic admission controller that uses WebAssembly-based policies to validate incoming requests. Users can write Kubernetes policies using their favorite programming language, and compile into WebAssembly bytecode.

WebAssembly in Open Source Summit by Linux Foundation 👁

The Open Source Summit conference features multiple presentations on WebAssembly technologies. 

Rusty news

Why scientists are turning to Rust? 🦀

Nature, a top scientific journal, discussed the trend among scientists and researchers to use the Rust language for scientific computing programs. Rust’s big draws for scientists are memory safety and usability. The article also noted that Rust’s learning curve could hinder its adoption. Better developer tooling, especially for beginners, is much needed for the Rust community.

breadx, an implementation of the X Window System Protocol in Rust ⭐️

breadx is a Rust implementation of the X Window System Protocol, a networked windowing system for for building graphical user interfaces on Unix and Unix-like operating systems. The benefits of the Rust implementation are memory and thread safety.

Rewrite JavaScript into Rust in the openEtG 🦀

Developer Serprex rewrote a game engine for openEtG in Rust. A goal of the rewrite is to make it faster to clone shared data. That resulted in a 2x - 4x performance gain for AI operations, and reduced lag.

Rust shaders on the web 🌉

Via SHADEed, you can now write, upload, and run shaders in the Rust language over the web. SHADERed is a lightweight tool for writing and debugging shaders. See a demo here.

Linfa, a Rust machine learning framework 💻

Linfa aims to provide a comprehensive toolkit to build machine learning applications with Rust. It currently focuses on common preprocessing tasks and classical ML algorithms.

Serverless World

AWS Introduces Preview of Aurora Serverless v2 👏

During the first keynote of re:Invent 2020, AWS announced the next version of Amazon Aurora Serverless, and it is now available in preview. Amazon Aurora Serverless V2 allows data storage and computation to scale independently. Developers only pay for the actual consumed resources with little need for reserved capacities. It has the ability to autoscale to hundreds of thousands of transactions in milliseconds, and in small capacity adjustments.

Dgraph Labs launches Slash Enterprise: fully hosted, serverless version of an advanced graph database 👻

Dgraph Labs, creator of an advanced graph database, announced the launch of Slash Enterprise, the first fully-managed, serverless solution for enterprises with terabytes of data in production. The service runs on dedicated and multi-zone clusters deployed across AWS, Azure, and GCP.

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